ALUCIA Boarding Cattery

Tranquility in the Heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens

01354 657868


Can we come and have a look round before we book?

This goes without saying, just telephone or e-mail to arrange a convenient date and time to meet us and view the accommodation.

Do you provide a pickup and drop off service?

Yes we do. This is currently charged at 40 pence per mile for the round trip. eg. If you live 7 miles away we will charge you £5.60 (14 x 40 pence) to pick up your cat.

Is the accommodation secure?

The property is fenced with gates that are locked outside opening hours. Access to the cattery buildings is always locked and someone is always on site when we have cats boarding. The house and cattery have dusk to dawn floodlights and a comprehensive CCTV system that is recording 24/7.

Can I pay by debit or credit card ?

We accept payment by debit or credit card, cheque or cash the choice is yours and there is no surcharge for using a credit card.

Do you employ people to look after the boarding cats?

We do everything for the boarding cats personally and that includes the litter trays, the feeding, the grooming and the cleaning of the chalets.

Will you give medication to my cat?

We will give your cat all their prescribed medicines that do not require injecting.

When can we bring our cat in ?

The time your cat arrives and departs is by appointment and agreed at the time of making your booking. You can however, change the apointment time if needed by telephone or email.

Can we pick up our cat early ?

Yes you can, just telephone us to let us know when to expect you. If you do pick up your cat early, you will be charged for the full booking period.

What do we need to bring with our cat?

We provide all your cats food, bowls and bedding during their stay with us including heating when its cold and lots of fuss and attention.

Can we bring our cats bed or blanket?

While we provide all necessary bedding, you can bring your own cats bedding and any toys, tunnels, scratching posts etc (subject to available space)

My male cat has not been neutered, will you take him?

We do not accept male cats over the age of 6 months that have not been neutered as they upset the other guests but we do accept females that have not been spayed.

Do you have cats?

We have Aggie and Ruel (Brown Burmese girls), YowieBigfoot (Silver Tabby Maine Coon boy) and our dog Sookie (Newfoundland).

Do your cats mix with the boarding cats?

While our cats and dog have access to the garden they can not come into contact with the boarding cats.

Do you have any other questions?

Just telephone us on 01354 657868 during opening hours or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.