ALUCIA Boarding Cattery

Tranquility in the Heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens

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The cost of staying at Alucia boarding cattery depends on the number of cats from the same home sharing one chalet and the time of the year of their visit.

The total cost of your cats stay is confirmed in writing at time of booking together with a copy of our terms and conditions.

For the duration of your cats stay they are covered by our pet insurance and for up to 72 hours after they leave at no additional cost. Full terms and conditions available on request.

The following is intended as a guide to our current charges; 

One cat in their own chalet £6.30 per day

Two cats sharing a chalet £11.40 per day

Three cats sharing a chalet £15.30 per day

Four cats sharing a chalet £18.00 per day

We have the capacity to accommodate more than 4 cats from the same home with costs depending on your requirements.

Monday to Saturday we do not charge for the day of departure providing your cat is booked to depart before 11.00 am.

Departure on Sundays and bank holidays are charged at the normal rate. 

In addition there is a winter supplement of £0.65 per chalet per day from October to March inclusive.

Services such as grooming, administration of medication and special dietary requirements may be charged for, in addition to the costs above and will be detailed on the booking confirmation.



Only cats that have a current vaccination record against Feline Infections, Enteritis & Upper Respiratory Infections can be accepted for boarding. Owners must produce an up to date inoculation certificate on or before arrival.

All cats will be checked on arrival for signs of ill health and we reserve the right to refuse to accept any cat that in our opinion appears to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease, pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon to the contary. This course of action is essential to protect other cats in the cattery. 

In the event of illness or injury being detected during your cats stay, Veterinary advice will be sought and any treatment prescribed will be followed. Cats with a pre-existing condition or on medication will be accepted for boarding on the understanding that any Veterinary costs incurred related to the condition will be met, in full, by the Owner of the cat(s). If Veterinary opinion is that the illness or injury was not pre-existing we shall claim on our insurance to cover the costs.

We do not accept for boarding male cats over the age of 6 months that have not been neutered.

Payment in full is required on the day of departure and the amount due is for the period booked with no reductions if you collect your cat(s) early. Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card or by cheque with a guarantee card.

The time of arrival and departure of your cat(s) to the cattery is agreed when making your booking. The day of arrival and day of departure is charged at full rate, however a refund for the day of departure will be made when your cat(s) are booked to be collected before 11.00 am Monday to Saturday inclusive.

Should you cancel your booking we shall use the following guidelines to calculate the cost;

More than 30 days prior to arrival No charge
Between 30 and 15 days prior to arrival 25% of Cost
Less than 15 days prior to arrival 100% of Cost

We are open for cat(s) to arrive and depart;
Monday to Saturday between 10am & 6pm
Sunday & Summer Bank Holidays between 10am & 1pm
Christmas day and Boxing day no arrivals or departures

Whilst every care and precaution shall be taken during your cats stay, we do not accept any responsibility for your cat(s) while in our care and they can only be accepted for boarding at the owners risk.