ALUCIA Boarding Cattery

Tranquility in the Heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens

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We currently have a total of 20 deluxe heated chalets consisting of; 12 single chalets, 4 double chalets, and 4 chalets that can accommodate up to 4 cats. All cats sharing a chalet will be from the same home. We do not put cats from different homes together. 

There is a safety corridor which is accessed from the outside by a door that has an 'auto close' locking mechanism that securely closes and locks the door after you. The chalet runs are accessed from the safety corridor. 

Access to the outside run from the chalet is via a door for us and for your cat, a cat flap which can be locked open during the day for cats who have never used a cat flap before. 

Each chalet has a 'hide away' bed and a bed in front of the opening window. There is an off floor feeding area where fresh water and the food of choice for your cat is presented daily and floor space for a litter tray.

We keep a selection of mainstream cat foods both wet and dry and if your cat eats something we do not have we will purchase your cats food of choice for their visit with us. Because of vetinary restrictions we can not purchase prescription foods and these will need to be supplied by the cats owners.

Before your cats visit, the chalet walls, floor and shelf surfaces are cleaned along with the run walls and floor. We use an environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene product that will not distress your cat with strong scents or bleach odours. All the bedding is machine washed with a branded washing powder and thoroughly dried.

When occupied, the chalet shelf surfaces and floor are swept and wiped over every day with a clean litter tray and fresh water provided. Your cat will be visited a minimum of three times a day to attend to soiled litter trays and to make sure your cat is happy. During the summer months the windows and doors are left open to keep the chalets as cool as possible. During the winter months we switch on the heating and lights to make your cat feel at home.

We have a WiFi CatCam that can be put in your cats chalet to provide you with a 24/7 live feed where you can pan and tilt the camera to see what your cat is doing. The CatCam can be accessed from any internet connected device with a web browser. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer users will have to install an active X script for the images to be displayed. This script is by the camera manufacturer and is downloaded from the camera not a web site so it can be trusted.