ALUCIA Boarding Cattery

Tranquility in the Heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens

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Our "Cattery Wish List"

For our cats to be happy they would require access to the outside world and for us to be happy that access would have to be secure and sheltered. 

So outside runs with a roof that would allow the light in and keep the elements out started our 'cattery wish list'.

Our cats would want a place to relax during the day, to bask in the sun and watch the world go by in comfort. This added a bed by a window with a view to our list.

After a long day our cats would want a warm snug place to retreat into where they could spend the night. So a soft heated bed in a private enclosed space had to be included on our list.

Our cats are used to living in a centrally heated house where the temperature remains at a comfortable level day and night. 

This added individual thermostatically controlled heating in all the chalets to our list, especially as two of our cats are pensioners who really feel the cold.

For us to be happy the food preparation area would have to be clean and all the feeding bowls would have to be washed properly and the choice of food available would suite the dietary requirements of our cats. 

This started a whole new list that would dictate how the kitchen and reception of our cattery would look.

Our Boarding Cattery licence was issued in February 2004 and the Boarding Cattery was officially opened in April 2004 after many months hard work by both of us.

There were still some small jobs to do and I suspect that there will always be 'jobs' that require our attention.

Our first customer, a tortie female called 'Penny' came to stay for a week in late April and since then we have had a number of guests and we both look forward to many more over the coming years.

Susan & Chris Luvaglia - 2004